Featured Restaurants in Block Island

These are the currently featured restaurants on our website.



Spring Street

Open Daily 5 - 9:30 p.m. Closing Sept 28

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The Manisses Restaurant is considered the most romantic restaurant on Block Island. The Manisses features sophisticated fare and a garden fresh fine dining menu. Read more…



High Street

Tappas: Thurs. - Sunday 5 p.m. Dinner 6 p.m. Closing Oct 14, (Closes Sept. 21 for Event)

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Set high on a hill just outside of town, the Atlantic Inn is a truly unique and quiet location to savor the delights of Block Island. Read more…



Corn Neck Road

Closed for the season.

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This legendary beach-side restaurant features traditional New England fare, fresh Seafood and old classics with a new twist. Read more…