Salmon Cucumber Dilled Salad at Channel Marker

The first impression was a definite “Wow!”

We’re talking about the Salmon Cucumber Dilled Salad that chef Jason Shawley presented a few days ago at the Channel Marker Bar and Grille.

Giving us a tour of his creation from the bottom up, Jason said this salad begins with a bed of fresh mixed greens topped with a piece of pan-seared salmon. On up it goes even higher with a cooling layer of cucumber-dill slaw and finally topped with a tumble of crispy-thin pomme frites.

Beyond the eye-appeal, the result is a wonderful blending of the crunch of all the vegetables balanced with the soft, delicate salmon, and the savory with the sweet. It’s the satisfying summer salad so many are in search of.

Jason started with the Channel Marker last fall and brought his experiences cooking in restaurants, resorts and clubs from Arizona, South Carolina and upstate New York. This broad training has opened him up to a sense of what people enjoy eating, and the menu reflects that.

Owner Greg Kyte is pleased with the progress of his restaurant and credits Ed McGovern and the many regular supporters for his success.

The Channel Marker is open every day except Sunday for lunch and dinner. Look for their new raw bar starting in June (Monday through Friday, 3 to 5 p.m.) that will be served from a large display shaped like an old oyster boat. Oysters will be a dollar a piece and clams 50 cents.

— Becky Ballard

The Channel Marker is located on Corn Neck Road. The phone is 466-9800.

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