Mac and cheese at the Poor People’s Pub

Poor People’s Pub, open all through the winter, has become a home to plenty of both island and off-island people. Its food offers a sense of home, as well. The chalkboard lists familiar foods with PPP’s own flair added.

Owners Brenna and Ross Audino decided to feature their Skillet Mac and Cheese for this story. Simple and comfortable, this popular dish is a generous, made-from-scratch portion served in an 8-inch pan with its own hot pad. It’s inspired by Ross’s mom’s recipe, who made it the same way for her large family.

With the basics of macaroni, creamy American cheese, cheddar cheese, heavy cream and breadcrumbs, Ross says, “You can have it plain or add anything you want — pulled pork, lobster, chicken or vegetables.” The yummy results are crunchy on top and creamy in the middle with your personal favorites all blended in.

Poor People’s Pub doesn’t stop with its menu, all through the summer there are special events planned. This year’s first annual Bacon Fest, where island restaurants gathered to compete with their best bacon appetizers, was a huge success.

Stop by and enjoy PPP’s goodwill, tasty food and fun events. If you’re lucky you will get to meet the youngest member of the family, little two-week-old Luka. From what we hear, he can keep up with the late nights right along with everyone else. — Becky Ballard

Contact Poor People’s Pub at 466-8533.

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